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Updated: 22nd May 2019
Summer Season 2019 

SUMMER FIXTURES NOW OUT (Starts Tuesday 4th June)

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X-Ray group has been updated Please check fixtures

Format for Summer Season

2 Trebles, 801, Straight Start, Double Finish, 1 Leg only

3 Doubles, 601, Straight Start, Double Finish, 1 Leg only

6 Singles, 401, Straight Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 Legs

Posted:  22nd May 2019
Emtech Electrical Cup

Congratulations to Wellington Boots 2019 Emtech Electrical Cup Winners and to Llong Man of Wilmington this years Runners-up

Posted:  22nd May 2019
Ben Truman Cup

Congratulations to Franklin Legends 2019 Ben Truman Cup Winners and to Franklin Old Boys this years Runners-up

Updated: 15th May 2019
Team Champion Play-off Night

Congratulations to Luke Hassan (Bear Booms) 2019 Team Champion Winner & to Ollie Sopp (Ladies Mile) this years Runner-up

Prelim Round - Cobden BHA beat Wellington Boots, Cobden Raspberries beat County Oak Reds, Hollingbury Seagulls beat Franklin Legends, Bear Booms beat The Wellington.

Round 1 - Ladies Mile beat Long Man of Wilmington, Preston Brewery Tap beat Duke of Wellington, Cobden BHA beat Cobden Raspberries, Bear Booms beat Hollingbury Seagulls.

Semi-Finals - Ladies Mile beat Preston Brewery Tap, Bear Booms beat Cobden BHA

Final - Bear Booms beat Ladies Mile

Posted:  9th May 2019
Roy Knight Cup

Congratulations to Market Inn XBCC 2019 Roy Knight Cup Winners and to Franklin Old Boys this years Runners-up

Posted:  9th May 2019
Presidents Trophy

Congratulations to County Oak Reds 2019 Presidents Trophy Winners and to Franklin Legends this years Runners-up

Posted: 1st May  2019
Men's Pairs Qualifiers

J. Davis & C. Dainty (BHA)

L.. Hassan & D. Mitten (Bear)

O. Sopp & G. Crabb (Ladies Mile)

I. Cooke & G. Lane (Legends)

P. Robinson & D. Hetherington (Legends)

T. Dudeney & D. Mansell (Seagulls)

D. Evans & A. Silkowski (Tops)

J. Watts & B. Weeding (Wellington)

Posted: 25th April  2019
Men's Singles Qualifiers

H. Ansell (Long Man)

S. Burtenshaw (Boots)

J. Conboy (Long Man)

J. Davis (BHA)

D. Dudeney (Seagulls)

T. Dudeney (Seagulls)

D. Evans (Tops)

D. Fleming (Reds)

L. Hassan (Bear)

D. Hetherington (Legends)

M. May (Reds)

S. Pain (Ladies Mile)

S. Parsons (Legends)

A. Silkowski (Tops)

O. Sopp (Ladies Mile)

N. Stewart (PB Tap)

Updated: 18th April 2019
Mixed Pairs 

Congratulations to Paul Robinson & Becky King (Franklin Legends) 2019 Mixed Pairs Winners and to Chris Stabler & Kirsty Gunn (Market Inn Meerkats) this years Runners-up


Posted: 11th April 2019
Ben Truman Cup & Plate- 100+ finishes & 180's
100+ Finishes

Darren Garbett (Long Man of Wilmington) 105

Martin Baker (County Oak Reds)
Kevin Jugde (County Oak Reds)
Paul Robinson (Franklin Legends)

Posted: 3rd April 2019
Division 2 Week 18 & Roy Knight Cup - 100+ finishes & 180's
Division 2 100+ Finishes

Dave Weir (Market Inn Meerkats) 104 

Cup 100+ Finishes

Russ Vanner (Franklin Legends) 116
Shaun Sandalls (Franklin Legends) 110
Stuart McFarlane (Market Inn XBCC) 107

John Wakefield (Bevy Average Joes)

Posted: 28th March 2019
Division 2 Week 17 & Roy Knight Cup - 100+ finishes & 180's
Division 2 100+ Finishes

Alan Jackson (Cobden Raspberries) 127
Andy Fears (Wellington Boots) 108

Cup 100+ Finishes

Keith Stoner (Franklin Old Boys) 115
Dave Dudeney (Hollingbury Seagulls) 110
Russ Vanner (Franklin Legends) 107
Stuart McFarlane (Market Inn XBCC) 104 


Tavis Dudeney (Hollingbury Seagulls)
Paul Hughes (The Wellington) (177)
Paul Lovegrove (Franklin Legends) (174)
Paul Robinson (Franklin Legends) 
Alex Rudwick (Franklin Old Boys) 
Peter Weller (Ladies Mile)