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Posted: 30th November 2016
Week 8 29/11/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Paul Nobbs (Preston Brewery Tap) 108
Division 1 -100+ finishes
Keith Blackman (Moulsecoomb SC Arrows) 114
Division 2 -100+ finishes
James Walls (Bear Silver Foxes) 104
Division 3 -100+ finishes
Ross Wellfare (Hollingbury Recalls) 101
(from last week)
Mick Meachen (Hollingbury Recalls)
Charlie Rice (Kings (Men's) Arms)
Chas Rewell (Jolly Brewer Jokers)

Posted: 3rd November 2016
Wayne Mardle
Wayne Mardle will be appearing at the County Oak on Saturday February 4th 2017 at 1:30 pm 
In the interest on fairness I've decided to run 4 separate knock out competitions one for each division in the Brighton league
Entries for the knock out will cost you only 3 and the winners will get the chance to play Hawaii 501 
If you like to enter please contact Simon Parsons with you name/s and team you play for so I put you in the right category 
Many thanks 
Simon Parsons 

Posted: 2nd November 2016
Week 5 01/11/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Steve Johnson (Market Inn XBCC) 117
Division 1 -100+ finishes
Paul Hughes (The Wellington) 102
Alan Brown (Mile Oak Infidels)
Simon Burtenshaw (Wellington Boots)
Paul Hughes (The Wellington)
Chris Luxford (Moulsecoomb SC Arrows)
Simon Middleton (Montreal Ex-Services)
Gavin Woodcock (Mile Oak Infidels)

Posted: 1st November 2016
Presidents Trophy & Carousel Cup
Presidents Trophy & Carousel Cup Round 1 fixtures now out, click on 'Presidents Trophy' or 'Carousel Cup' on side for a full list of games

All games to be played on Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Posted: 26th October 2016
Week 4 11/10/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Mick May (County Oak Reds) 104 (cup)
Division 2 -100+ finishes
Martin Baker (County Oak XOBCSC) 141 (cup)
Division 3 -100+ finishes
Mick Mechen (Hollingbury Recalls) 116
Dave Anderson (Montreal Ex-Services)
Dennis Bowyer (Freshfield Legends)
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds)
Keith Linscott (County Oak XOBCSC)
Mick May (County Oak Reds)
Stuart McFarlane (Market Inn XBCC)

Posted: 19th October 2016
Ben Truman Cup Round 1 18/10/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
100+ finishes
Ian Penny (Freshfield Legends) 150
Mick May (County Oak Reds) 130
Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds) 127
Peter Weller (County Oak Bandits) 120
Tony Maunder (Mile Oak Infidels) 105
Chris Rea (Bear Booms) 103
Dennis Bowyer (Freshfield Legends)
Daniel Rea (Bear Booms)
Ross Wellfair (Hollingbury Recalls)

Posted: 12th October 2016
Week 4 11/10/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Colin Steadman (Freshfield Old Boys) 107
Steve Johnson (Market Inn XBCC) 100
Division 1 -100+ finishes
Peter Weller (County Oak Bandits) 120
Brandon Weeding (The Wellington) 107
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds)
Luke Hassan (Freshfield Old Boys)
Mick May (County Oak Reds)
Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds)
Steve Pester (County Oak Bandits)
Les Vanner (County Oak Bandits)

Posted: 6th October 2016
Lewes Road labour Club Silver Foxes team has moved to The Bear Lewes Road, Brighton

Posted: 5th October 2016
Week 3 04/10/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Peter Sopp (Montreal Ex-Services) 104
Division 1 -100+ finishes
Paul Hughes (The Wellington) 160
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC Arrows) 109
Division 2 -100+ finishes
Chris Didcott (Saltdean Carvers) 102
Division 3 -100+ finishes
Gary Brindley (The Hollingbury Recalls) 125
Richard Bakers (County Oak Rascals) X2
Darren Banks (The Wellington)
Tavis Dudeney (County Oak Rascals)
Gavin Lane (Freshfield Legends)
Dave Mitten (Freshfield Old Boys)
Scott Payne (Bear Booms)
Shaun Sandalls (County Oak Reds)

Posted: 30th September 2016
Hikers Rest 'Seasiders' team has moved to the Cobden Arms, Cobden Road, Brighton

Posted: 28th September 2016
Week 2 27/09/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Alex Rudwick (Freshfield Old Boys) 125
Bak Ko (Duke of Wellington Tops) 109
Division 1 -100+ finishes
Mick Uwins (Jolly Brewer Jokers) 100
Colin Day (Freshfield Old Boys)
Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds)
Wayne Saunders (Freshfeild Old Boys)
Chris Stabler (Market Inn Meerkats)
Craig Uwins (Jolly Brewer Jokers)

Posted: 21st September 2016
Week 1 20/09/16 - 100+ Finishes & 180's
Premier Division -100+ finishes
Dave Anderson (Montreal Ex-Services) 160
Mick May (County Oak Reds) 157
Dave Mitten (Freshfield Old Boys) 136 (cup)
John Donovan (Duke of Wellington Tops) 119
Steve Penny (Duke of Wellington Tops) 112
Paul Lovegrove (Freshfield Legends) 106
Ben Jones (Preston Brewery Tap) 104
Luke Hassan (Freshfield Old Boys) 102 (cup)
Division 1 -100+ finishes
Paul Hugh (The Wellington) 100
Peter Weller (County Oak Bandits) 100 (cup)
Division 3 -100+ finishes
Sean Gasson (The Bear Booms) 113
Clive Gee (Cleveland Browns)
Kevin Hodges (Montreal Ex-Services)
Stuart McFarelane (Market Inn XBCC)
Simon Middleton (Montreal Ex-Services)
Steve Penny (Duke of Wellington Tops)
Ollie Sopp (Montreal Ex-Services)
Brian Standing (Montreal Ex-Services)
Keith Stoner (Freshfield Old Boys)
Gary Williams (Market Inn XBCC)

Posted: 20th September 2016
Breaking news

Hikers Rest BHA team has folded &

Hikers Rest Booms has moved to The Bear Lewes Road, Brighton

Posted: 7th September 2016
Congratulations to the

The Wellington

2016 Bob Austin Summer Cup Winners

Freshfield Freshies this years runners-up

Updated: 7th September 2016
Winter season 2016-17 Fixtures OUT NOW

Click on 'Fixtures - Prem/Div 1 or Fixtures - Div 2/Div 3' on left hand side for a full list

Posted: 31st August 2016
Congratulations to the

County Oak Reds

2016 Ronnie Edwards Summer Cup Winners

The Goldstone Club this years runners-up

Updated: 24th June 2016
2016 AGM
Thank you to everyone that attended Brighton Men's Dart League 2016 AGM. The biggest turn out for many years.
This is just to inform everyone about the events of last night
1) Start time.  As from the start of the 2016/17 Winter Season, team should arrive at the match venue by 8:30 p.m. of a 'toe the oche' at 8:45 p.m.
2) Presidents Trophy/ Carousel Cup Format changes in Bold 
      3 X Doubles, 501 up, Double Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 legs
      6 X Singles, 401 up, Double Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 legs
3) Committee voted in for the next three years
Chairman - Paul Archer (Moulsecoomb Social Club Arrows)
Vice Chairman - Mick Mechen (Hollingbury Recalls)
Secretary - Steve Pester (County Oak Bandits)
Assistant Secretary - Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds)
Committee Members
Geoffrey Crabb (County Oak Bandits)
Dave Dudeney (Castle Snooker Club Rascals)
Ed Fleet (Cleveland Browns)
Paul Lovegrove (Freshfield Legends)
Stuart McFarlane (Market Inn XBCC)
Russel Vanner (County Oak Reds)