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Posted: 14th April 2016
Congratulations to

Premier Division Winners - County Oak Reds

Premier Division runners-up - The Romans

Division 1 Winners - Freshfield Old Boys

Division 1 Runners-up - Preston Brewery Tap

Division 2 Winners - Moulsecoomb Social Club Arrows

Division 2 Runners-up - The Wellington

Division 3 Winners - Cleveland Browns

Posted: 14th April 2016
League Week 26 100+ finishes & 180s - 12/04/16
High Finishes
Premier Division
David Anderson (Montreal Ex-Services) 116
Brian Standing (Montreal Ex-Services) 110
Gavin Lane (Freshfield Legends) 108

Division 2
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC) 116
Ashley Nicholls (The Wellington) 108
Garth Whittington (Moulsecoomb SC) 105
Dean Leaver (Hikers Rest Seasiders) 100
Dave Dudeney (Castle Snooker Club)
Craig Everest (The Bear Burrrs)
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds)
Peter Judge (Cobden Raspberries)
Gavin Lane (Freshfield Legends)
Dave Mitten (Freshfield Old Boys)
Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds)
Colin Steadman (Freshfield Old Boys)
Garth Whittington (Moulsecoomb SC)

Updated: 30th April 2016
Mixed pairs Play-off night

Congratulations to

L. Kipling & L. MacIntosh (The Romans) 2106 Mixed Pairs Winners

& to M. May & M. Holsten (County Oak Reds) Runners-up

Updated: 10th April 2016
Men's Singles & Men's pairs play-off night out NOW

Click on 'Comps' on left side for full list


Posted: 6th April 2016
League Week 25 100+ finishes & 180s - 05/04/16
High Finishes
Division 2
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC) 116
Ashley Nicholls (The Wellington) 104

Ed Fleet (Cleveland Browns) 101
Mick Dine (County Oak Bandits)
Luke Hassan (Freshfield Old Boys)
Gareth Whittington (Moulsecoomb SC)

Posted: 30th March 2016
League Week 23 100+ finishes & 180s - 29/03/16
High Finishes
Premier Division
Lewis Dickinson (Market Inn XBCC) 109
Lewis Dickinson (Market Inn XBCC) 103

Division 1
Mark Niblett (Preston Brewery Tap) 155
Steve Pester (County Oak Bandits) 151
Troy Pursglve (County Oak Bandits) 130
Steve Berret (Preston Brewery Tap) 123
Alex Rudwick (Freshfield Old Boys) 100

Division 2
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC) 116

Division 3
Frank Norris (Cobden Raspberries) 126
Adey Street (Cobden Raspberries) 106
Brian Johnson (Market Inn XBCC)
Steve Johnson (Market Inn XBCC)
Liam Kipling (The Romans) X3
Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds)
Anthony Wheeler (The Bear Burrrs)

Posted: 28th March 2016
Dates / Fixtures for Winter Season 2016
Fixtures 17th May 2016
Presidents Trophy - Semi Final

Freshfield Legends V County Oak Bandits - To be played at Bevy Community Pub

Ben Truman Cup - Semi Final

Lewes Road Silver Foxes V Freshfield Old Boys - To be played at The Bear

Ben Truman Plate - Semi Finals

Hikers Rest Seasiders V Hikers Rest Booms - To be played at The Hikers Rest 3rd Board

Market Inn XBCC V The Bear Burrrs - To be played at the Castle Snooker Club

Rearranged League games

Duke of Wellington Tops Home to Montreal Ex-Services

The Wellington Boots Home to The Wellington

Fixtures 24th May 2016
Presidents Trophy Final - Venue TBC

Carousel Cup Final - Venue TBC

Fixtures 31st May 2016
Ben Truman Cup Final - Venue TBC

Ben Truman Plate Final - Venue TBC

Rearranged League games

The Wellington Home to Cobden Raspberries

Posted: 23rd March 2016
League Week 23 100+ finishes & 180s - 22/03/16
High Finishes
Premier Division
Ian Cooke (Freshfield Legends) 138
Shaun Mitchell (Market Inn XBCC) 100

Division 2
Dave Gunn (Lewes Road Silver foxes) 103

Division 3
Clive Gee (Cleveland Browns) 109
Mick Dine (County Oak Bandits)
Liam Kipling (The Romans) X 2
Gavin Lane (Freshfield Legends)
Pip Pranskus (Cleveland Browns)
Ollie Sopp (Montreal Ex-Services)
Colin Steadman (Freshfield Old Boys)
Dave Williams (Freshfield Legends) X 3

Posted: 16th March 2016
League Week 22 100+ finishes & 180s - 15/03/16
High Finishes
Division 3
Clive Gee (Cleveland Browns) 108
Steve Berrett (Preston Brewery Tap)
Gary Brinley (Hollingbury Recalls)
Charlie Nobbs (The Wellington)
Malcolm Page (Moulsecoomb SC)
Matt Patterson (The Bear Burrrs)
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC)

Updated: 16th March 2016
Captain & Vice Captain PAIRS

Congratulations to

Simon Parsons & Russ Vanner (County Oak Reds) 2016 Captains & vice Captain Pairs Cup winner

and to Paul Archer & Dougie Ancell (Moulsecoomb SC) this year runner-up

Posted: 9th March 2016
Ben Truman Cup Round 3-  100+ finishes & 180s - 08/03/16
High Finishes
Dave Hale (Hikers Rest Seasiders) 157
Charlie Nobbs (The Wellington) 151
Kevin Hannant (County Oak Reds) 120
Ian Cooke (Freshfield Legends) 116
Stuart McFarlane (Market Inn XBCC) 108
Gavin Lane (Freshfield Legends) 100
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds)
Gavin Lane (Freshfield Legends)
Ollie Sopp (Montreal Ex-Services)

Dave Anderson (Montreal Ex-Services) X2
Clive Gee (Cleveland Browns)
Fraser Goodburn (Saltdean Tavern)
Gary Johnson (Market Inn XBCC)
Liam Kipling (The Romans)
Dave Mitten (Freshfield Old Boys)
Mark Niblett (Preston Brewery Tap)
Paul Nobbs (Preston Brewery Tap)

Posted: 9th February 2016

Congratulations to

Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds) 2016 Captains Cup winner

and to Peter Sopp (Montreal Ex-Services) this year runner-up

Posted: 3rd February 2016
Please Note
The Spanish Lady team will be playing from the SALTDEAN TAVERN for the rest of the season

Changes for the 2015-16 Winter Season

All Team games will start at 8:30pm

In League Matches the formats have changed to the following

Premier Division & Division 1

3 Doubles Games, 501 Straight Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 Legs.

7 Singles Games, 501 Straight Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 Legs.

Division 2 & 3

3 Doubles Games, 401 Straight Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 Legs.

7 Singles Games, 401 Straight Start, Double Finish, Best of 3 Legs.