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Posted: 19th July 2017

Summer Cup - Week 6 - 18/07/17 - 100+ Finishes & 180's


Colin Day (Franklin Old Boys)
Mick Dine (County Oak Bandits)
Tavis Dudeney (County Oak Rascals)
Gary Hazelgrove (Preston Brewery Tap)
John Henshaw (Hollingbury Arrows)
Joe Panther (Preston Brewery Tap Youth)
James Walls (Lewes Road Silver Foxes)
Tony Wheeler (Kings Arms)

100+ Finishes

Mark Gammons (Franklin Legends) 120
Daz Mansell (County Oak Rascals)112
Ian Cooke (Franklin Legends) 100
Nigel Stewart (Preston Brewery Tap) 100



Posted: 13th July 2017

Summer Cup - Week 5 - 11/07/17 - 100+ Finishes & 180's


Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds) 180
David Hetherington (County Oak Reds) 180
Trevor Kelly (County Oak XOBCSC)180
Haydn Baker (Bear Booms)180
Mark Groves (Stags Head) 180

100+ Finishes

Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds) 115
Shaun Mitchell (Market Inn XBCC)114
Alan Brown (Stags Head) 112
Ian Cooke (Franklin Legends) 100



Posted: 13th July 2017

Summer Cup - Week 4 - 04/07/17 - 100+ Finishes & 180's


Simon Niblett (Preston Brewery Tap)
Paul Nobbs (Preston Brewery Tap)
Ian Cooke (Franklin Legends)
Elliot Trott (Market Inn XBCC)
Joe Rudgewick (Franklin Old Boys) 180
Alex Rudgewick (Franklin Old Boys) 177

100+ Finishes

Dave Fleming 120 (County Oak Reds)
Pete Judge 104 (Cobden Raspberries)
Keith Stoner (Franklin Old Boys) 103



Posted: 28th June 2017

Summer Cup -Week 3 - 28/06/17 - 100+ Finishes & 180's

100+ Finishes

Craig Everest (Franklin Legends) 104
Ian Freeland (Bear Booms) 103


Malcolm Page (Hollingbury Arrows)
Bob Leaver (Cobden Seasiders)
Jo Rudgewick (Franklin Old Boys)
Dick Skinner (Cobden Seasiders)
Brandon Weeding (The Wellington)

Posted: 22nd June 2017

Hi All
Here are changes passed at the 2017 AGM held at the County Oak on Monday 19th June 2017
1) Update to rule 10 
In the event that a team are short of male players then up to 2 registered women may be allowed to step in and make up the deficit. Teams can register 2 additional women on top of their 15 male players.
2) Captains & Vice Captains Single & Pairs, Team Champion and AGM all to be held on Tuesday nights.
3) Men’s pairs competition format to 501 (from 601), straight start, double finish, best of 5 legs all rounds.
4) The Committee can look into the sponsorship/ finances of the League and put in place the best way (in their opinion) of securing the future of the League before the start of each Winter season.
Each member, player and official is responsible and accountable for their own conduct in connection with City of Brighton & Hove Men’s Dart League (BHMDL).  They must conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the highest standards of discipline and sporting behaviour.  Any conduct that falls below these standards and that harms or undermines the BHMDL in any way shall constitute a Disciplinary Offence under this Rule.
It is not possible to draw up a definitive and exhaustive list of types of conduct, behaviour, statements or practices that may amount to a Disciplinary Offence under this Rule.  For purposes of illustration only, and not by way of limitation, each of the following types of behaviour may constitute a Disciplinary Offence under this Rule:
  • ·         Acts/statements that breach the BHMDL Playing Rules. 
  • ·         Acts or statements that are, or conduct that is, discriminatory by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability; 
  • ·         Any conduct, behaviour, statements or practices, whether at a match venue or on Social Media which are offensive, indecent, violent and/or insulting and/or that brings or may bring into disrepute the sport of darts and/or BHMDL. Disciplinary action could range from a verbal warning to lifetime ban from BHMDL. The Committee’s decision is final.

Posted: 21st June 2017

The Mile Oak Team have Moved to The Stag Head, 37 High Street, Portslade BN41 2LH

Posted: 21st June 2017

Summer Cup -Week 2 - 21/06/17 - 100+ Finishes & 180's

100+ Finishes

Ian Freeland (Bear Booms) 123
Gary Johnson (Market Inn XBCC) 113
Kevin Judge (County Oak Reds) 112
Bob Taylor (Franklin Old Boys) 108
Tony Matthews (The Wellington) 100
Phil Merchant (Hollingbury Recalls) 100


Darren Banks (Cobden BHA)
Gavin Lane (Franklin Legends)
Paul Lovegrove (Franklin Legends)
Keith Stoner (Franklin Old Boys)
Ross Wellfare (Hollingbury Recalls) 171
Gavin Woodcock (Stag Head Infidels)

Posted: 14th June 2017

Summer Cup -Week 1 - 14/06/17 - 100+ Finishes & 180's

100+ Finishes

Gavin Lane (Franklin Legends) 120
Dave Dudeney (County Oak Rascals) 117
Geoff Harland (County Oak XOBCSC) 116
Gareth Whittington (Hollingbury Arrows) 113
Paul Danity (Duke of Wellington Tops) 110


Tavis Dudeney (County Oak Rascals)
Keith Linscott (County Oak XOBCSC)
Peter Ping (Duke of Wellington Tops)
Troy Pursglove (County Oak Bandits)
Gary Williams (Market Inn XBCC) 171

Updated: 11th June 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to the Presentation Night at the County Oak and made it a great evening.

Congratulations to the winners from last night

Premier Division/ Division 1 Singles -

Winner - Paul Robinson (Franklin Legends)

Runner Up - Mick May (County Oak Reds)

Division 2 & 3 Singles -

Winner - Pip Pranskus (Cleveland Browns)

Runner-Up - Gary Brindley (Hollingbury Recalls)

Men's Pairs

Winners - Paul Robinson & Dave Williams (Franklin Legends)

Runners-up - Alan Eves & Steve Penny (Duke of Wellington Tops)

Updated: 25th May 2107

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