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Posted 30th July 2015
Week 9 Summer League 180's + ton + finishes
100+ Finishes
Allen Eves (Duke of Wellington Tops) 128
Gavin Lane (Freshfeild Legends) 121

Tom Broadhead (Castle Club Rascals)
Lewis Dickinson (Market Inn XBCC)
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds)
Dave Hancock (Hikers Rest Seasiders)
Liam Kipling (Duke of Wellington)
Simon Parsons (County Oak Reds)
Steve Penny (Duke of Wellington) X 2

Posted 26th June 2015
Charity Dart Tournament
The County Oak in partnership with Carousel are organising a charity dart tournament on August 30th (bank holiday weekend)

Singles 5 to enter
First round losers singles
Blind pairs 5 (2.50 each)

This competition is only open to people who play in the Brighton league

If anyone would like to enter please contact Simon Parsons or Steve Pester prize money subject to entries

Posted 22nd July 2015
Week 8 Summer League 180's + ton + finishes
100+ Finishes
Gary Williams (Market Inn XBCC) 154
Dean Leaver (Hikers Rest Seasiders) 120
Dave Lothian (Preston Brewery Tap) 120
Chris Nobbs (The Wellington) 102

Steve Berrett (Preston Brewery Tap)
John Henshaw (King & Queen)
Loz Hide (Hikers Rest BHA)
Dave Lothian (Preston Brewery Tap)
Shaun Sandalls (County Oak Reds)
Ollie Sopp (Montreal Ex-Services)
Ian Walker (Spanish Lady Matadors)

Posted 15th July 2015
Week 7 Summer League 180's + ton + finishes
100+ Finishes
Liam Kipling (Duke of Wellington) 144
Geoff Crabb (County Oak Bandits) 116
John Russell (Hikers Rest Seasiders) 112

Chris Barnett (Freshfield Legends)
Lewis Dickinson (Market Inn XBCC) X 2

Updated 14th July 2015
AGM 2105


1) Proposer: Matt Patterson  - Seconded: Craig Everest

My proposal is that all games within the league divisions including cup matches should have an earlier start time of 8-8.30pm at the latest.

The current start time of 9pm makes the evening go on much later than is necessary.

Passed for a 8:30pm start time, starting in the Winter Season 2015/16

2) Proposer: Geoff Crabb Seconded: Mick Dine

In Premier Division doubles matches change format to:
501 best of 3 (Currently 601 best of 1)

In Division 1 & 2 doubles matches change format to:

401 best of 3 (Currently 601 best of 1)
* Cup games unaffected*

Passed, starting in the Winter Season 2015/16

3) Proposer: Mick Dine Seconded: Geoff Crabb

League points be awarded per game won plus the current 2 points win and 1 point draw be added as bonus.

Example: a 6-4 will will equate to 8 and 4 points respectively and a 5-5 draw will equate to 6 points apiece

This will keep teams motivated to play every game even if they find themselves 5-0 down (for example)
Also this will reward teams that may have a very unlucky run of losing matches by just 1 game
* Cup games unaffected*


4) Proposer: Steve Pester Seconded: Geoff Crabb

In the event that proposal 3 is passed, the amount that a team receives for a forfeited game may need to change (currently 10-0), possible 6-0 so team get the win (8 points)

Rejected as proposal 3 was rejected

5) Proposer: Steve Pester Seconded: Simon Parsons

Forfeited games (where a team fails to inform their opponents or the League Secretary of their inability to comply with the fixture) will be awarded to the opponents to NIL. If a team fails to fulfil 3 fixtures in the winter league then they will be removed from the League and their results scratched. (2 games in the summer leagues), In the event of a team being removed from the League, the Committee have the right to refuse that team in entering a team the following year. Any team failing to honour fixtures may forfeit their chance of hosting a finals night at the end of the season.

Passed, starting in the Winter Season 2015/16


Registration Fee per team will be changed from 45 To 50 for the year  September - August

this is the first increase to fees since 2007


Also to be reviewed the Accounts - Registration fee

Posted 8th July 2015
Week 6 Summer League 180's + ton + finishes
100+ Finishes
Mick May (County Oak Reds) 116
Steve Webber (New Bush Assassins) 114
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC)113
Paul Dainty (Duke of Wellington Tops) 112
Dave Hetherington (County Oak Reds) 110
Richard Baker (The Wellington Boots) 104
Mick Pullen (Moulsecoomb SC)100

John Donovan (Duke of Wellington Tops)
Mark Gammons (The Bear Burrrs)
Dave Hancock (Hikers Rest Seasiders)
Adam Hart (County Oak Old Boats)
David Page (Freshfield Legends)

Posted 2nd July 2015
Week 5 Summer League 180's + ton + finishes

100+ Finishes

Mark Gammons (The Bear Burrrs) 151
John Brown (Cobden Raspberries) 117
Paul Archer (Moulsecoomb Social Club) 106
Staurt McFarlane (Market Inn XBCC) 104
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds) 100

Paul Dainty (Duke of Wellington Tops)
Lewis Dickinson (Market Inn XBCC)
John Donovan (Duke of Wellington Tops)
Liam Kipling (Duke of Wellington)
Mick May (County Oak Reds)
Brian Standing (Montreal Ex-Services)
Colin Steadman (Freshfield Old Boys)
Steve Webber (New Bush Assassins)

Posted 24th June 2015
Bob Austin Sark Division

Rascals (ex Rileys) Team have moved to the Castle Snooker Club, 22-23 Castle Street, Brighton

Posted 24th June 2015
Bob Austin Herm Division

Please Note that the Victoria (Portslade) team has folded this will now be a Bye on the Fixtures