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Men's Singles

Congratulation to Joe Davie (Cobden BHA) the 2019 Men's Singles Champion and to Mick May (County Oak Reds) runner-up

Round 1

M. May (Reds) Beat T. Dudeney (Seagulls), L. Hassan (Bear) Beat J. Conboy (Long Man), D. Dudeney (Seagulls) Beat H. Ansell (Long Man), S. Parsons (Legends) Beat D. Hetherington (Legends), D. Fleming (Reds) Beat N. Stewart (PB Tap), J. Davis (BHA) Beat A. Silkowski (Tops), O. Sopp (Ladies Mile) Beat S. Pain (Ladies Mile), S. Burtenshaw (Boots) Beat D. Evans (Tops).

Round 2

M. May (Reds) Beat L. Hassan (Bear), S. Parsons (Legends) Beat D. Dudeney (Seagulls), J. Davis (BHA) Beat D. Fleming (Reds), O. Sopp (Ladies Mile) Beat S. Burtenshaw (Boots).

Semi- Finals

M. May (Reds) Beat S. Parsons (Legends)(3-1), J. Davis (BHA) Beat O. Sopp (Ladies Mile) (3-2)


J. Davis (BHA) Beat M. May (Reds) (3-2)


Men's Pairs

Congratulation to Joe Davie & Craig Dainty (Cobden BHA) the 2019 Men's Pairs Champions and to Paul Robinson & Dave Hetherington (Franklin Legends) runner-up

Quarter Finals

J. Davis & C. Dainty (BHA) Beat T. Dudeney & D. Mansell (Seagulls), J. Watts & B. Weeding (Wellington) Beat L.. Hassan & D. Mitten (Bear),  D. Evans & A. Silkowski (Tops) Beat I. Cooke & G. Lane (Legends), P. Robinson & D. Hetherington (Legends) Beat O. Sopp & G. Crabb (Ladies Mile).


J. Davis & C. Dainty (BHA) Beat J. Watts & B. Weeding (Wellington), P. Robinson & D. Hetherington (Legends) Beat D. Evans & A. Silkowski (Tops).


J. Davis & C. Dainty (BHA) Beat P. Robinson & D. Hetherington (Legends) (3-0)


Mixed  Pairs
Congratulations to

Paul Robinson & Becky King (Franklin Legends) 2019 Mixed Pairs Winners

and to Chris Stabler & Kirsty Gunn (Market Inn Meerkats) this years Runners-up

Captains Cup
2019 Play-off Night

Congratulations to Joe Davis (Cobden BHA) 2019 Captain Singles Winner and to Mick May (County Oak Reds) Runner up


Captain & Vice Captains Pairs Cup 2018
Congratulations to Joe Davis & Craig Salvage (Cobden BHA) 2019 Captain & Vice Captain Pairs Winner and to Kevin Judge & Mick May (County Oak Reds) Runner up

Team Champion 
Congratulations to Luke Hassan (Bear Booms) 2019 Team Champion Winner and to Ollie Sopp (Ladies Mile) Runner up