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Posted: 20th October 2021
Week 7- 100 + finishes
Geoff Crabb (Duke of Wellington Tops) 106
Dave Gunn (BHSSC Foxes) 105

Posted: 20th October 2021
Week 7- 180'S
Chris Barnett (Hollingbury)

Simon Burtenshaw (Wellington Boots)

Tavis Dudeney (New Oak A) X2

Gavin Lane (Wellington Boots)

Joe Rudwick (Neville Rejects)

Tom Rymer (Duke of Wellington Tops)

Jamie Watts (Twitten)

Posted: 13th October 2021
Week 6- 100 + finishes
Tom Grace (Bevy Average Joes) 115

Posted: 13th October 2021
Week 6- 180'S
Tom Grace (Bevy Average Joes)

Lee Grinsted (Neville Rejects)

Dave Hetherington (Twitten)

Dave Mitten (Market Inn Meerkats)

Paul Robinson (Neville B)

Posted: 7th October 2021
Week 5- 100 + finishes
Bak Ko (Cobden BHA) 112

Ross Walfare (Hollingbury) 112

Tavis Dudeney (New Oak A) 108

Posted: 7th October 2021
Week 5- 180
Lee Gladman (New Oak A)

Dave Hetherington (Twitten)

Stuart Hope (Cobden BHA)

Dean Leaver (Bevy Tigers)

Connor Levett (New Oak A)

Crash Phillips (New Oak A)

Paul Robinson (Neville B) X2

Shaun Sandalls (Bear Boomerangs)

Peter Sopp (Ladies Mile Muppets)

Arron Tomkins (Bear Boomerangs)


Posted: 15th September 2021
Sorry to say that we have had TWO teams pull out of the League (Druids Arms & New Oak B) their fixtures.

We knew that this season was going to be testing and that we thought that some teams would not complete the season.  Despite this I hope everyone is enjoying getting back to darts.


Posted: 29th August 2021
Hi Everyone and welcome back to the game of darts!! 
  • During the time the Dart League was suspended we have had lots of requests from teams/players that they would like to play more League games as a team. In the last few years before Covid the league games have always finished in March, which meant that if your team was out of the Cup Competitions you would not have had a game as a team until June, when the Summer League began. If you were also out of the Cup Competitions AND had a bye in the league you may have only played once in four weeks. With this in mind the Committee have decided that to get everyone back into enjoying your darts, we are only having 2 divisions. Teams will play every team in their division, home and away, plus teams will also play every team in the other division but only the once.  
  • Format will consist of 3 doubles and 7 Singles all best of 3 legs. Teams in division 1 will play 501 and division 2 teams will play 401. This format will also be used in the inter-division games (division 2 teams will have a 100 point start over division 1 teams). 
  • We know that this may not be an ideal format for some Teams/players and not everyone will be happy about having to play top teams or having to give other teams a 100 point lead. However, after the long break and the fact that some may have not thrown a single darts in that time, this is a good way of getting more team games and ensures that teams get to see a bigger variety of players and give players more incentive to make the games more competitive. 
  • We are hopefully getting back to a more normal life, but we are not there yet so we insist that everyone is tolerant to others.  Some players may not want to shake hands or may still wish to wear a mask and social distance for their own personal reasons. We will not accept anyone being abused by others over these reasons and the Committee will take appropriate action if we hear of any issues arising from this.  
  • Remember on match night teams should arrive at the venue around 8:30pm and be ready to toe the oche by 8:45pm 
  • Teams can play up to two Ladies on any game night BUT ONLY if the team has not got enough men players. 
 Have a great season of darts
Steve Pester


Posted: 4th September 2019
Congratulations to the Long Man Of Wilminton 2019 Bob Austin Summer Cup Winners & to Preston Brewery Tap this years Runners-up

Posted: 4th September 2019
Congratulations to the Franklin Legends 2019 Ronnie Edwards Summer Cup Winners & to Twitten Club this years Runners-up