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Ronnie Edwards Summer Cup - 100+ finishes
 100+  Finishes
Tory Pursglove (Ladies Mile) 156
Kevin Judge (County Oak Reds) 150
Steve Sutton (Wellington Boots) 136
Malcolm Constable (Wellington Boots) 130
Ian Dainty (Cobden BHA) 130
David Evans (Duke of Wellington Tops) 130
Stompy (Kings Arms) 130
Budgie (Cobden Raspberries) 128
Mick May (County Oak Reds) 120
Kevin Hannant (Cobden BHA) 117
Arron Tomkins (Montreal Misfits) 117
Kevin Judge (County Oak Reds) 116
Dax Newland (Long Man of Wilmington) 116
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds) 115
Kevin Judge (County Oak Reds) 115
Dave Dudeney (County Oak Rascals) 112
Tavis Dudeney (County Oak Rascals) 112
Kevin Judge (County Oak Reds) 109
James Walls (Lewes Road Silver Foxes) 109
Shaun Sandalls (Franklin Fockers) 108
Geoff Crabb (Ladies Mile) 107
Budge (Cobden Raspberries) 107
Joe Davis (Cobden BHA) 106
Les Vanner (Ladies Mile) 106
Craig Danity (Cobden BHA) 105
Kevin Hannant (Cobden BHA) 105
Martin Baker (County Oak Reds) 104
Keith Callister (Saltdean Carvers) 104
Joe Rudwick (Franklin Old Boys) 104
Harley Ansell (Long Man of Wilmington) 102
Ellis Hull (Long Man of Wilmington) 102
Malcolm Page (Market Inn XBCC) 102
Steve Drury (Montreal Tigers) 100
Paul Lovegrove (Franklin Tavern) 100
Tony Matthews (The Wellington) 100
180's scored X 3
Paul Hughes (The Wellington)
180's scored X 2
Dave Dudeney (County Oak Rascals)
Tom Grace (Bevy Average Joes)
Luke Hassan (Bear Booms)
180's scored X 1
Denny Brain (County Oak Reds)
Steve Drury (Montreal Tigers)
Allan Eves (Duke of Wellington Tops)
Dave Fleming (County Oak Reds)
Neil Hilton (Bevy Average Joes)
Trevor Kelly (County Oak XOBCSC)
Ross Leaver (Cobden Seasiders)
Keith Linscott (County Oak XOBCSC)
Shaun Mitchell (Market Inn XBCC)
Tony Ockenden (County Oak XOBCSC)
Simon Parsons (Franklin)
Charlie Rice (County Oak Rascals)
Keith Stoner (Franklin Old Boys)
Gary Tattersall (Montreal Tigers)
Peter Waters (Market Inn Meerkats) 171
Brandon Weeding (The Wellington)
Peter Weller (Ladies Mile)